Single-Payer Health Care

Vermont Becomes First State to Pass Single-Payer Health Care – National – The Atlantic Wire

Great article about what Vermont is doing to help its
citizens have Affordable Health Care and help start a
National trend. There are many many programs that are
out there for review and each plan works differently so
the big question is, Will it work? We will follow these
developments and report in the future about Vermont’s
legislation. When I was in the Military and went to other
countries, you could actually walk into a Pharmacy and
tell your symptoms and walk out with medicine. The
whole population paid what equals to 10% of their annual
income for Healthcare. It didn’t really matter whether you
were rich or poor, you had Healthcare that was available
to you. Of course, that country was not populated with
the Worlds highest Obese population. Also most of the
citizens did eat healthy and were happy. I am really
concerned about the future of Healthcare in the US due
to the big Corporations taking over Hospitals and on
the other hand, Insurance Companies. There is still
instances of the term Medical Bankruptcy that is always
out there and some of us know people this has happened
to, so please folks, Get Healthcare and take care of
yourself. By the way, I also like Maple Syrup!!

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