2016 Federal Poverty Income Guidelines for Subsidies

2014 Federal Poverty Level Chart


2015 FPL Guidelines

2013 Health Insurance Subsidy Income Guidelines

Health Insurance Subsidy Income Guidelines

Comrade Financial Group has helped many individuals and families in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia are obtain Health Insurance with and without subsidies. It is important to remember that this subsidy is an advanced tax credit to help with the monthly premium and not a gift. The amount of help depends on your tax filing status and MAGI which is Modified Gross Adjusted Income. See the chart below for income guidelines to see if you fall into the Federal FPL guidelines.


Each year when you complete your tax return, your income is calculated and if you have had insurance for more than 9 months you will not have to pay the ACA penalty. If you have not, there are penalties that increase for the next 3 years, unless the ACA gets repealed. Based on that income your subsidy could increase or decrease. For more information please call us.

FPL Guidelines

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About our Insurance Agency

We put together a quick video telling the world a little bit about why we started, what we do and why we do it. Enjoy and share with your friends. Thanks


Term Life Insurance: As American Households Depend on Two Incomes Trends Reveal Disturbing Statistics | NewsLI.com


Great article linked above but truthfully there are some
disturbing facts that are really shocking to me. I deal with
customers every day and the biggest reason why families
dont have quite enough Life Insurance is mainly due finances.
Insurance Brokers are your best bet as far as I am concerned.
They have the freedom and ability to match you with a
product to fit your budget! I don’t have to tell you about what
a premature passing of the sole breadwinner will do, since this
is America and we all need two incomes to supports our lifestyles.
Maybe we only care about ourselves these days. Who cares if JR
will have college paid for. Who cares if MOM will have to go back
to work. Well I care and if you do to, then stop by
Comrade Financial Group and I would be very pleased to help you.

Jack Fleming – Insurance Broker

Insurance and The Internet

Insurance and The Internet

We all have had changes in the way we purchase
Services over the years. I came up old school were
you had to drive to an Insurance Office, wait your
turn and then speak to an Agent about what you
actually needed. You were provided some quotes
and you were glued to your chair and sometimes
were too shy to ask for a discount. Well, times
have changed and there is a world of information
out there on the Internet all about every single type
of Insurance you could ever need.
It is almost Information overload. Luckily for most
people they have an Agent that helps them, but trends
are changing and more and more Insurance is
being purchased over the Internet without even
speaking to an Agent. That is okay for the most
part but to really understand what you are
actually purchasing, it really comes down to
you and how educated you are. So read, surf,
ask questions in forums and talk to your parents,
but beware if your mom or dad still have a VCR
then you might want to act like your listening and
then do your own thing. We all need Insurance,
and we all feel relieved knowing we are covered
when Life throws us a curve ball. Hopefully not
to many.

Jack Fleming Insurance Broker

Individual vs. Group Health Plans

                  Individual vs. Group Health Plans

There are first some basic fundamentals about insurance.
The first one is that Insurance is by definition the method
of reduction of risk by spreading the risk to many people.
There is a law of large numbers that is applicable for any
Insurance to work. The Insurance companies use mortality
tables and actuaries keep detailed data on Health trends as
well as Life expectancy. So therefore If you are one person
looking for specific type of Insurance, then you might have
a very high premium. However if you are just like or very
similar to a large group of people seeking Insurance for
a common thing like Life Insurance, then your premiums
will be lower. Health Insurance is based mostly on Family
history and risks that are known, either by you answering
a question on the application, or from past Dr. visits and
past medical history. So if 7 people from your family have
all passed away from Heart Disease, then expect your
premiums to be higher. The most important thing with
any Insurance policy is to have a great agent. You can find
one at Comrade Financial Group. Then once you get a
policy, read, read, read and then ask plenty of questions.
Just remember that no question is a stupid questions. It’s
your Life, It’s your Health so step up and educate yourself.
Thanks again for supporting my agency and my blog and I
will be happy to answer any questions that come my way.
Jack Fleming Ins. Broker