2014 Federal Poverty Level Chart


2015 FPL Guidelines

2013 Health Insurance Subsidy Income Guidelines

Health Insurance Subsidy Income Guidelines

Comrade Financial Group has helped many individuals and families in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia are obtain Health Insurance with and without subsidies. It is important to remember that this subsidy is an advanced tax credit to help with the monthly premium and not a gift. The amount of help depends on your tax filing status and MAGI which is Modified Gross Adjusted Income. See the chart below for income guidelines to see if you fall into the Federal FPL guidelines.


Each year when you complete your tax return, your income is calculated and if you have had insurance for more than 9 months you will not have to pay the ACA penalty. If you have not, there are penalties that increase for the next 3 years, unless the ACA gets repealed. Based on that income your subsidy could increase or decrease. For more information please call us.

FPL Guidelines

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Making the Local News!

Quick post to spread the word and thank Jenny Chen for using my Quotes!

Here is her Article the Town Courier which is a local publication for residents in Gaithersburg and Kentlands area of Maryland.

The Town Courier

What Do Kentlands Residents Need to Know About Obamacare? by Jenny Chen

Essential Health Benefits

Comrade Financial Group wants to make sure you know about the new 10 Essential Health Benefits as described in the Affordable Care Act.