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All about Disability Insurance!

Everything you need to know about Disability Insurance. Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability are two different animals! Check your policy!

Comrade Financial Group

Great Business cards from Duracard in Jessup, MD. Stop by www.duracard.com and tell them Jack sent you!

Single-Payer Health Care

Vermont Becomes First State to Pass Single-Payer Health Care – National – The Atlantic Wire Great article about what Vermont is doing to help its citizens have Affordable Health Care and help start a National trend. There are many many programs that are out there for review and each plan works differently so the big question […]

Insurance and The Internet

Insurance and The Internet We all have had changes in the way we purchase Services over the years. I came up old school were you had to drive to an Insurance Office, wait your turn and then speak to an Agent about what you actually needed. You were provided some quotes and you were glued […]

Individual vs. Group Health Plans

                  Individual vs. Group Health Plans There are first some basic fundamentals about insurance. The first one is that Insurance is by definition the method of reduction of risk by spreading the risk to many people. There is a law of large numbers that is applicable for any […]